2019 TREND REPORT | Mid-Century Mod/Memphis

Mid-Century Modern style has always been present in the shadows but this season sees its low-slung curves, natural textures, distinctive hues and clean bold lines take a step forward into the limelight.

Mid-Century Mod lives closely with the Memphis look, recalling this 80’s movement which celebrated laminate materials, ‘squiggle’ patterns, Terrazo, bright colours and irregular shaped items.

With these looks in mind, Hire Society has hunted down block and circular furniture in both sensually smooth and textured materials across a range of hues from monochrome to primary colours.

In particular, red returns with all its passion, dynamism, strength and energy. We’ve contemporarised the whole look by adding warmth and familiarity with elements like wood, straw and lively patterns on decorative pillows, throws, walls and table tops. Yip, we’ve been painting up a storm of free-flowing illustrations inspired by Picasso, Miro and Matisse!