Our amazing team

Superb event design requires hitting all the right aesthetic notes to develop an ambience that rings true with who you are, or what your brand is about. It also requires conscientious planning, failsafe organisation and reliable delivery.

The power of the collective

Working passionately towards a common goal: realising events that are above the norm. We’re also fundamentally committed to living the same values: We’re trustworthy, honest and generous. And we’re experts at what we do.

Daring, obsessed with design, inspired by nature and fuelled by the desire to create worlds of awe and wonder. Collectors by nature, accumulators of items uncommonly found, with an intuitive eye for what fits together. We will design an incredible event for you.

Pragmatic and habitually organised. We’re committed to helping see our creative team’s vision through and delivering on our promises. We will closely manage the implementation of your event.

Our offerings

Focusing our creative obsessions, we bring you two offerings: distinctly crafted turn-key event design solutions, and direct access to our exquisitely curated collection of furniture for hire.

Specialists in bringing bespoke, highly original events to life through an extraordinary synergy that exists between our inspired creatives and list-loving project managers.

To set new trends in our pursuit of the unusual: Rare finds. Intriguing objects. A love for décor runs deeply in our veins. We have a keen eye for exceptional design and an innate resourcefulness.