Hiring for Your Event


Bring intrigue and originality to your event: Hire from our collection of striking, on-trend, high quality furniture, tableware and catering items.

Our treasured collection is an extension of our styling: every piece as exquisite and on trend as any event we’ve designed. It’s always personal: The pieces we hire out are pieces we’d readily have in our own homes.

You won’t come across furniture like ours elsewhere, because we’ve custom made a large part of our collection, creating pieces just as we envisaged them - with great care - and sourcing curiosities from unexpected places.

We’re always breathing new life into our collection with upscale additions like Peacock chairs, Chesterfield couches, gold cutlery and solid wood tables.

Our full-time maintenance team takes immense care, so you can trust that each and every piece is event-ready and in excellent condition upon delivery.