October 2017

We absolutely loved doing the decor and styling for this gorgeous couple as they celebrated their love in this colourful reception where shades of purple were mixed with coppers, oranges, greens and wood tones to create an eclectic vibe.

Spring has sprung! Joburg is exploding into a riot of colour, and like nature, Hire Society never stops evolving. At this auspicious time for new beginnings, we’ve shed our old corporate identity to make way for a sleek new brand and website.

This season sees a new hybrid of two trends: verdant tropical (lush, leafy botanicals) and folklore (intricate, boldly coloured patterns and prints, layering and textures). Think of the nostalgic worlds evoked in Lana Del Ray music videos.

Lets face it, brown doesn’t have the best reputation after its 70’s debut but recently exquisite shades of chocolate and stone have been popping up all over the international circuit in both fashion and décor.