Africa’s Autumn Takes Centre Stage

Africa’s Autumn Takes Centre Stage

It’s earthy. It’s bold. It’s raw, and yet, polished…welcome to Autumn 2018!

While the season is awash with various looks, our creative team has hand-picked a few that speak to us in the context of Joburg.

We’ve captured them the ‘Hire Society way’ so that you can too!



XANDRI {The Eccentric Visionary}

Trending core earth tones, orange clay, red sand, brown dusts, warm baked slate stone, woven textures simulating the grasslands and scorched earth ensure that Africa is on it’s way to trend as a hero on the international stage.

EMMA {The Risk-taking Dreamer}

Soft warmth meets stark Winter light in an eclectic African-city look. Metallic high rise buildings and glass skyscrapers reflect pockets of drying bush and yellowing trees awash with an Autumn glow. Think ambers, ochre, coppers, brass and gold.



LARISSA {The Romantic ‘Staatmaker’}

Texture is on steroids as the Winter chill descends! We’ve sourced and curated an array of baskets and cushions to embody this trend and warm up our looks. Think Global patterns meet African shades. Winter’s materials are textured, natural and raw; juxtaposed with softer, ‘snuggle-up’ velvets.

KYLA {Klein Baas}

Table smalls are alive with texture. Alternatively shiny, matte, rough and reflective; vases and candlesticks have taken on the two extremes of modern hard lines or hand-made curves. Mixed metallics and darkly tinted glass are a big deal for 2018 so we’ve sourced these tactile vases in brass, tarnished gold, matte black, rust and brushed silver.



BOINELO {The Fashionable Enthusiast}

Remembering your heritage is something I really value. Thinking on this, I realized that the global yearning to go back to our roots is what makes hand-crafted items (like our various woven armchairs) a look that’s gaining momentum. With the resurgence of craft in a modern age, Africa (and Hire Society!) is the perfect inspiration for this season’s trend.

Hire Society - Black and White Woven Bench (1) 2


Mod-African furniture in bold monochrome brings texture, dimension and edge to structured lounge set ups. This furniture speaks for itself.

Hire Society - Wooden Curved Back Armchair with Black and White Woven Seat