2019 Trend Report | Under The Sea

Big, body-enveloping velvet and rounded shapes have taken over the spotlight from the rigid lines we’ve grown accustomed to, adding a much-needed sense of sensuality to an otherwise masculine-corporate look.

We’ve taken a deep dive under the ocean to check out these rounded curves, coral-textures and scalloped shapes, and have come back with channel-tufted, rounded armchairs and ottomans that sing with velvety lushness and soft, sensual lines.

Metal trims create contrast and keep the look firmly in 2019. Watch this space for more items that satisfy your search for calm, spirituality and wellness.

Pink Scallop Chair – similar design coming soon!

The soft hues for this look create a slightly more moody environment when combined with unique décor pieces. Be on the lookout for shades of:

  • Oatmeal and hazelnut – these warm, creamy and inviting hues offer comfort
  • Gender neutral pink – it’s the new neutral for 2019. Yes, really.
  • Lilac grey – the warmer friend to dove grey. It’s refreshing!
  • Chalky muted tones – these have a soothing appeal and understated vibe along with pastels, new blues and misty tones.